Project 8: Other Critical Needs at Kyabirukwa Convent and Farm

Project 1A

Novitiate House Mother

Novitiate House Mother

General Information: The Secondary School and the Novitiate Training Center. Five Keyboards are needed to introduce music to the curriculum.

Problem: Music is an inherent need for children and young adults, and current plans are to extend music to these curriculums.  However there are no keyboards available.


2 Keyboards for the Secondary School $500
2 Keyboards for the Novitiate Training Center $500
1 Keyboard for Primary School $250
Grand Total $1,250

Project 2A

Primary School

Primary School

General Information: Solar lighting Systems for night time reading and studying are needed at Primary, Secondary and Novitiate Schools. (Need: immediate)

Problem: Some lighting is available at both schools but frequent power outages often prohibit students from studying and reading at night. Also solar lighting is needed to expand the existing lighting systems.


Solar lighting system for Secondary School $15,000
Solar Lighting for Primary School $15,000
Solar Lighting for Novitiate Training Center $10,000
** On-site engineering/management required during installation $3,000
Grand Total $42,500

Project 3A



General Information:

At the Training Center for Novitiates resource assistance is needed to help impoverished novices to buy personal necessities.

Problem: Some novices are unable to buy minor cosmetic and personal health care items during training.

Costs for 1 Novice: Currently the teachers often donate the cost — $15/semester for 3 semesters = $45/year X 2 yrs = $90. Donations can include one semester or as many semesters as the donor chooses.

Project 4A

General Information: The Vocational School plans to start sewing and knitting machines classes and machines for sewing and knitting are needed.


10 Sewing Machines (pedal) $1,400
10 knitting machines $2,150
Grand Total $3,550

Project 5A

General Information and Cost: Elephant Grass is a primary source of feed for the cattle.

Costs: One Silage Chopper (manual) to facilitate the collection of elephant grass for the cattle during the seasons is needed. (There are none at the Farm): $1,000.

Project 6A

Chaplain's House

Chaplain's House

General Information: Chaplain’s House: Replacement and expansion of the deteriorated water collection and water storage systems are needed. Also electricity costs are excessively high and a reliable solar photovoltaic lighting system is needed.


Replacement of deteriorated water collection and storage system $5,500
Solar Electric Lighting and Refrigeration System $5,000
Grand Total $10,500

Project 7A

Primary School

Secondary School

General Information:: Computers. Today, no computers exist at the Kyabirukwa Center.

Problem: Students in Primary and Secondary Schools,  and the Novitiate require computer training


Primary School - 5 computers $5,000
Secondary School – 18 computers $18,000
Novitiate - 10 computers $10,000
Grand Total $33,000

Project 8A

20 year old milk truck

20 Year Old Milk Delivery Truck

General Information:: No transportation to or from Kyabirukwa and nearby villages is available.

Problem:: Often emergencies arise when immediate transportation is needed. Also, day-to-day needs require distance travel outside the village. Often the sisters thumb a ride on the street outside of the Farm or solicit a friend with a motorcycle for transport. One fuel efficient, small 4 to 6 passenger vehicle is needed for use of faculty and staff.


1 passenger vehicle, 4 – 6 capacity $15,000
Grand Total $15,000