Regional Experiential Center for Solar Technologies
A Homeowner's Resource for Solar Education

Solar Powered Main Lodge & 6 on-site Solar Outdoor Training Centers
at the Land Celebration Recreational Facility in Gore, VA

                        Homeowners Solar
Saturday Workshops

Presented by
Engineers Without Borders International
Shepherdstown, WV

Facilities / Course Dates
Solar Powered Main Lodge &
6 on-site Solar Outdoor Training Centers

April 7,   May 12,  June 2,  July 7,
Aug 4,  Sept 1,   Oct 6,   Nov 3

Learn Photovoltaics Design and Costs,
Understanding the System and How to Buy

Our hands on workshop wil have you design your own solar electric system and review the design and installation of a 3 kilowatt solar grid-tied system powering our lodge.

Learn to DIY in our Photovoltaics for Homeowner's one day hands on seminar.

We'll give you all the resources and training that you need to DIY and we'll even connect you up with the most affordable suppliers of high qualilty photovoltaic equipment and can put you in touch with local installers if need be.

Our hand's on teaching approach, class instruction, top rate instructors, web resources, and design and install manual will have you feeling confident not only in designing your dream solar power system, but in ordering and installing it as well.

What we have to offer you
  • Our faculty consists of two engineers with combined stellar credentials, education, certifications, training and hand's on experience in solar power and a wide array of other renewable energy modalities.
  • The 43 acre retreat property, called the Land Celebration in Gore, VA, offers a breath taking back drop and center location for holding this all day seminar and hand's on workshop.
  • We have six solar power work stations from which small groups will assemble and create solar power.

  • The Land Celebration Facilities include a 3 kilowatt grid tied solar power system installed by The Regional Experiential Center for Solar Technologies, and will be utilized as a teaching resource in our seminars.
  • Attendees will be provided course hand outs, hand's on training and web resources to DIY your own grid tied solar power system for your home.
  • An organic vegetarian lunch and beverages will be provided.

What we ask of you
  • Bring a notebook and pen, your dreams, and your appetite for learning and good food.
  • Bring your questions, inquiries, and specific concerns.

Course Fees / Times

The Photovoltaics for Home Owner's hand's on workshop will will meet at the Land Celebration Center location in Gore, VA, from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm with a break for lunch. Class dates are subject to change. Call or e-mail to enroll -- all classes limited to 35 attendees.

Course Fees are $95 per attendee and include a healthy, organic vegetarian lunch and drinks.

A $25 deposit is required to reserve your space in the class.

Please mail checks to:
Regional Center for Solar Technologies
P.O. Box 1392
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Tel (304) 885-9850

(Include the date you wish to attend, your phone number and e-mail and we will confirm, by e-mail, your reservation for the class date selected. 10 day cancellation notice required for refund).

Contact / More Info:

Principle Instructor: Roger Ethier: (304) 885-9850 /

Please leave a message and your phone number and we will get back with you.

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