Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Mission Statement
Engineers Without Borders International Inc

We offer assistance in the education of kids through the creation of Outdoor Classrooms at Elementary Schools. Through the OCs, it is our hope that young people will connect to the health, the wonder, and the science of the natural world thereby igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of Planet Earth.

When children love nature, they are in relationship to creation, to their place in the universe We believe that immersing children in nature in the Outdoor Classroom will for many children open pathways for new, fertile, exciting experiences that will allow them to discover new entrances to education, additional pathways within their lives, and to develop an indestructible sense of wonder and a life-long appreciation of mystical nature.

The OC Initiative: Our (EWBI) initial project in Jefferson County, WV, will ultimately create an interconnected platform inspired by nature and between have-and-have-not-elementary grade kids to learn and together with mentor teachers merge and gradually eliminate biases and ideas around deservingness related to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental health, and ability. Also, we firmly believe our initiative will improve the vitality of the communities, bring forth creative ideas related to entrepreneurship and awareness for education, and advance an educated workforce.

Pockets of poverty within Jefferson County, WV are located primarily near Title One Schools. Some have existed for decades. Others are dreadful results of relocation or closures of industries, often followed by depression and loss of hope for a better life. But outdoor classrooms revitalize kids. OC’s show documented results from the 18 years in Boston Ma where 88 schoolyards were upgraded to 33 OCs and 55 sustainable schoolyards that lead researchers to “expect a 25% greater pass rate from fourth graders on the math portion of their statewide standardized tests, and an approximate 50% drop in the suspension rate, and a substantial increased student interest and participation in classroom activities.” (We are in contact with the Boston OC Initiative and they have agreed to be our cost-free advisors). >

In reality, Outdoor Classrooms are based on the facts that children are learning everywhere and all the time and they offer activities that are personally meaningful to children who need a broad variety of learning experiences and opportunities to grow. They are also based on the reality that students spend a significant amount of time in school and these hours need to register with each student as meaningful educational and positive learning experiences that will have a major impact on their daily lives and future educational plans, despite their lives outside of the school.