Project 7: Satellite Farm Water and Lighting Systems

Sister Goretti

Sister Goretti at Rwobugaigo

General Information:

Rwobugaigo Farm and Convent. This is a rural satellite annex of the Kyabirukwa Farm located about 3 hours by motor car away. There are five sisters living and teaching there. (Need: critical)


There is no water supply available at the farm nor is there electricity.


1 well drilled (approximately 60 meters) $4,000
1 solar photovoltaic water pumping system (800W x$5/watt) = $4,000 photovoltaic panels + $2,500 pump with shelter building for cows $6,500
Solar photovoltaic lighting system $8,000
** On-site engineering/management required during installation $3,000
Grand Total $21,500