Project 5: Convent Water Collection and Storage

Convent and Novitiate

Convent and Novitiate

The Kyabirukwa Convent and Novitiate Training Building Water Collection and Back Up Reservoir Storage (Need: critical)

General Information:

Three large buildings constitute the Convent and Novitiate Training Centers. A water collection System comprised of gutters, down sprouts, a run off drain and a Water Holding Reservoir need to be constructed. During the summer drought periods the reservoir will be used to serve as a potable water source for outside villagers, and a back-up water supply for Kyabirukwa Farm Cattle. Already the Kyabirukwa Center provides Chapel and religious services, health care, and other miscellaneous services for surrounding outside villages and the open reservoir project will free approximately 1000 urban villagers from using polluted water from rivers and streams by providing a source of clean potable drinking water.


A clean source of drinking water is needed for surrounding villagers and a back- supply of potable water is also needed by residents of the Kyabirukwa Complex and the cattle herd. A reservoir of potable water close by the villages that receives its source water from rainwater collected from roofs of the Convent and Novitiate Training Building can be built merely as an expansion of the rain water collection system already at the complex. An isolated tributary from the reservoir will supply drinking water for cattle.


Water Collection System: 975 meters of gutters with down sprouts and 100 meters of 6 in. drain pipe extending to the reservoir $1,600
Construct a capped reservoir holding minimum 2 million liters of water on designated lower level farm land. Provide also isolated watering trough for cattle. $12,000
** On-site engineering/management required during installation $3,000
Grand Total $16,600